Durbrow Performance Spotlight Sunday: Kara Guedes

This week’s Spotlight Sunday at Durbrow Performance comes from the daughter portion of the mother-daughter team of Kathy and Kara. These two have been on an absolute tear since they started in December. 

Kara has lost 17 pounds, 9 pounds of pure fat and 11 inches overall from Christmas time until April. In just the last 6 weeks with the combination of training and the nutrition program, she has lost another 6 pounds of fat and 10 inches.

 Kara and her mom have been rocking the 6am workouts 3 days per week and what’s even more impressive is that she drives all the way in from New Hampshire to make sure she gets her training done. 

Check out Kara’s story here…

Before Durbrow Performance I was basically doing….nothing. Maybe an insanity workout at home here or there but no routine.

In late 2011 I learned we were pregnant with my first child and thus began my two year hiatus of all things exercise. When a co-worker, Danielle Panos, started to described her workout experiences with DPT I was immediately interested.

Since joining DPT my life has changed tremendously. I have more energy and confidence. I’m more outgoing and no longer feel uncomfortable all the time.

My favorite exercises would probably be box jumps and just recently chin ups (since I can do them now!)

I love DPT and would recommend it to anyone who’s ready to take back control of their health. Callie and Emily are phenomenal! And so is everyone else who goes. It’s not like any other fitness program I’ve been in before. I love it.

Here’s Kara with her husband and daughter, before training…

IMG_1821 (1)

Here’s Kara and her daughter now, after a few months of training…



Here’s some progress pics from December to March…



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