Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Robinson Raj

I was never a gym person for like 25 years it wasn’t a big deal at all from where I come from and I was a foodie, eating anything anytime.


Then I came to Boston from India and the first time while walking with friends in Charles I see people running and exercising at what point I realized, let me try.


I was overweight, wearing a 36″ jeans, and didn’t have the motivation at all.


Of course most of my overweight friends around have the same problem.


I was too shy to run during the daytime that when it use to get dark and very few people can see me I started running for 6 months in the summer 5 days/week.


The first mile I ever ran I was catching my breath and I was thinking myself I don’t want to do this.  I wanted to quit and this was the feeling everyday when I was running.

After 6 months I felt great compared to what I was before; then I met this awesome trainer in the gym and understood  there are certain ways to lead a healthy life. Of course it was expensive at the time when I was a student. I saved every penny to make it work. After one year I was wearing a 30″ jeans. I was so happy full of confidence.



I was going through some personal issues in life and I changed totally; no exercise, no diet and then I got addicted to smoking so much that the pleasure of smoking was beautiful.


At that point nothing else mattered at all to me and in one year I gained weight and life is back off track, where I was before.



I met my trainer and he recommended me I should join some group exercise because he felt working alone in the gym won’t work in my case.


I saw DPT pic on a friend’s Facebook page and thought, let me give a try.


This was something out of my box as I’m always an alone-type person. Then I met Callie and she was so welcoming and I didn’t feel the pressure to join.


I said I will join the first day I met her. Whatever, let me give it a try.


We all know about Callie, she always introduces bad-ass workouts to push the body 😉


I have to mention about Emily for sure here…she is not only a good trainer but she goes a step beyond and helped with my personal issues of smoking. No one ever told me to stop smoking and she was the first on. In reality no trainer will give a fuck about personal issue as far as I know but she does, which i like.

Today when I see myself I’m happy but I have to go a long way. It’s not about workouts every time, sometimes the body can give up but it more about will power and strong resistance to bad things that can change your life.


Since starting at DPT in March of 2013 I have lost 11 pounds of body fat, gained 9 pounds of muscle and dropped 6 inches off my body.



“movement is life”

 if you can’t fly, then run

if you can’t run, the walk

if you can’t walk, then crawl

but whatever you do,

you have to keep moving forward”

– Martin Luther King jr