Somerville Training August Client of the Month: Samantha Slater

Congratulations to our August 2013 Client of the Month, Samantha Slater!

Samantha has been training at DP since January of 2012. She came to us with the goal of getting in shape and looking phenomenal in her wedding dress. The wedding would be in June and she was 100% motivated from the start. I knew right away that Samantha would be a great fit for the family.

In her first 6 weeks she dropped 4% body fat from an already decent 26%.

She was dropping body fat steadily every month while adding lean muscle, creating a super athletic look that by the time she got to her wedding she was down to 17% and looking awesome.

I’d say she pulled off looking great at the wedding….

sam wedding

She continued to stay lean but a few minor set backs (a dog biting your ankle may be more than minor but she got through it) and continued to work out hard, even with a few modifications while getting healthy.

Over the past few months not only has Samantha maintained an 18-19% body fat percentage, she is improving her strength considerably and is now able to challenge herself at every training session, trying a heavier kettlebell or dumbbell every single week.

This perseverence has given her a healthier lifestyle and allowed her to see all the potential she has in the gym. She’s also always there to help out any new clients with exercises or questions and has become an amazing part of our family and our Sunday Strength Class.

Congrats again Samantha and we’re all proud of you!

Samantha COM