Durbrow Performance Spotlight Sunday: Danielle Panos

This week’s Spotlight Sunday features a lady with a TON of motivation and heart. This girl works her ass off every session and is always trying to get better. She’s 100% honest with herself and with everyone around her, which makes a body and lifestyle transformation much easier because you don’t feed yourself (or others) a line of B.S.

Danielle has been training with us since the middle of November 2013 and she has absolutely crushed it, physically and mentally. She came in really not feeling great about herself and her situation and now you can just see the 360 degree transformation in her confidence, body image, body awareness and just overall lifestyle. 

Here’s Danielle’s story…

Before coming to Durbrow Performance I did workout but it was always the elliptical or maybe an hour of spinning sometimes I’d do body pump but over the last year before the gym I had slacked off and my body showed it.

 Since working out with Callie & Emily I have a ton of energy.

I make better food choices and I am more aware of what I’m putting into my body and how it will effect my body. I’ve lost weight but I don’t look at the scale as much anymore.

Since the winter I have lost 16 inches and 10 pounds of body fat.

 Plus I got the scale down under 190… When I started I believe I was a little over 200 pounds which is the heaviest I’ve ever been.

I love tire flips and box jumps! But I’ve come to appreciate Push Ups more… I can now do them on my toes!

 I’ve actually recruited a co worked and a good friend. Both asked me how I liked it and honestly I tell everyone I never want to miss a day. It makes you believe in yourself more then before. Your body will be with you for a long time so this is something to ensure it can handle life!

Here’s a photo of Danielle’s progress over the last few months….

photo (17)

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