Durbrow Performance Training Spotlight Sunday: Kathy Conkey

Welcome back to another, long-awaited edition of our Spotlight Sunday. It’s been a while but these next few stories are going to be well worth it. I know you LOVE reading them and I love sharing them because this is truly what the Durbrow Performance team is all about. Stories like this are so much better than listening to me talk anyway 🙂

Today’s story comes from 1/2 of our amazing mother-daughter team, Kathy and Kara. Mom Kathy has been training with us since November of 2013 and in that time (as of April with her last measurements) she has lost 14 pounds of body fat, 7.5″ inches and about the only thing she’s gained is a ton of confidence. 

Kathy absolutely crushes her workouts, 3 days per week at 6am. She’s now doing multiple sets of push ups from her toes, chin ups with the orange band, which is just 1 step below a full body-weight chin up. Check out more of Kathy’s story here…

Before training at Durbrow, I had tried many things to manage my weight. I bought gym memberships which I rarely used. I work full time and had little energy for anything after work. I did Weight Watchers, South Beach, “fat busting” protein shakes,boot camp, at home exercise videos, treadmill, elliptical…all with some measure of success, but none long lasting.

For years my weight has yo-yo’d between 152 and 172 pounds. I knew it was unhealthy to keep losing and gaining but was unable to stick with anything long enough to achieve my long term goal of staying below 150 pounds.

The changes in my life since Durbrow are amazing!

Many health issues I’ve struggled with for years are a thing of the past, including fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, acid reflux, irregularity and depression. My self esteem has sky rocketed and I feel stronger than I ever have.

I honestly believe there is no challenge in life that I can’t withstand or overcome. I have changed the way I look at food and know the nutrition guidance I’ve been given are tools to keep me eating healthy.

I shop weekly now and often prepare meals on the weekend to ensure wise choices throughout the week.

The specific changes I have seen are significant loss of pounds and inches. I have lost 13 pounds (scale weight) and 14 pounds of fat, along with 7.5 inches (November through April).

I have increased stamina and tons of energy. I have four young grandchildren and can do things with them now that just a few short months ago I was unable to do. I no longer view diet and exercise as a chore but consider myself important enough to make good choices for life!

My favorite exercises are chin-ups, lunges and spiderman push-ups because they challenge me. It is exciting to grow stronger and I look forward to further challenges and seeing more changes.

To anyone thinking of joining I would say “If I can do it, you can do it”!

I turned 60 in January and I feel better than  I have in years. Durbrow Performance is a family, there is no competition. Everyone is supportive and always encouraging each other to be their personal best. I joined in November and discovered a new outlook on life, a new me.I never could have done this on my own…believe me, I HAVE tried…and I am ever grateful to Callie and Emily for all they do!

Here’s Kathy when she started….

Kathy front before

Here’s Kathy showing off those new muscles 🙂