January Client of the Month: Sarah Deschaine

Congratulations to our January 2014 Training Client of the Month, Sarah Deschaine!

Since starting at Durbrow Performance back in 2012 Sarah has become one of our most consistent clients with one of the most amazing transformations.

Sarah came in with some exercise experience, doing mostly classes at her local gym. She started with a 21 day trial and with all intentions to just go back to her regular gym after the three weeks were up.

I guess that didn’t happen 🙂

Sarah has completely transformed her life, from not only exercise and healthy eating but in the mental aspect as well.

She has learned how to push herself past her limits, how to fuel her body with the right foods and how sleep and stress can affect the training sessions (and she’s managing those things even better now).

I could have given the Black T-shirt to Sarah many, many times over the last two years. She is consistent with pretty much perfect attendance, she gives 100% in each session and never just goes through the motions, she brings out the best in herself and in others and I love training with her during our Sunday Strength days because our small group of ladies has really become a great team and it’s awesome to get to interact with them on a deeper level each week.

I could go on and on about how much weight Sarah has lost and how many inches she’s dropped but that’s really just surface stuff. When you truly change your life, that’s major work, and Sarah has done that.

I’m so proud of Sarah’s transformation, congratulations Sarah and thanks for always showing up with a smile, an ass kicking attitude and for always following my directions when I write emails 🙂

Sarah D COM