What is the B.S. You Are Telling Yourself?

Are you being honest with yourself?There is so much B.S. that we tell ourselves on a daily basis. After a while, you really start to believe it.

Being honest with yourself is really another way of saying that you need to reprogram your current habits and beliefs.

Be conscious of why you are doing certain things and are they matching up with your goals?

I’ll give you an example.

This past weekend we had a nutrition seminar at the gym and people were working out their daily caloric intake. A lot of people were shocked at the “high” number that they received.

We asked them to simply trust the process.

We also asked them why they thought that number was so high?

Because there is some mystical reason that women are “supposed” to eat 1200 calories?

Because that’s just the way it is?

How’s that workin’ for ya?

Think about the shit that you tell yourself every day.


  • I need this cookie at 3pm because I need some energy.
  • I don’t have time to get to the gym.
  • I can’t eat that much food, I’ll gain weight.
  • I can’t give up cheese.
  • I have to have 3 coffees a day.
  • I can’t get 8 hours of sleep.



Whatever your bullshit is, just take a second and ask, why not?

I had two bullshits that I called myself on last week.

My new nutrition plan is a more balanced one. I wasn’t getting enough carbs and my fats were too high.

When I was mapping out my numbers for each day, I thought to myself “I can’t eat like that.”

Then I just simply asked myself, why the hell not?

One week later I’m on the plan, feeling damn good and my personal workouts have been so much better because I have a ton more energy.

The second bullshit was a small one, but still worth mentioning.

I always put coconut milk in my smoothies and I was mixing up a new green smoothie recipe the other day and the consistency wasn’t great with the milk.

I then realized, why don’t I just do water?

I “always” do coconut milk, so I can’t do that.

Obviously it’s pretty easy to switch from coconut milk to water, but I am so engrained in doing it a certain way, it didn’t even occur to me right away.

Call yourself on your bullshit. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, but just be conscious of why you’re making certain decisions and do those decisions line up with your end goal?

If not, then it’s time to make the change (if the time is right for you).

We have an application to be a part of our training family. We have limited spots and I’m all about bringing in the right people. Is that you?

Click here to fill out your application and end the B.S. today.

Have a great week,