New Years Fitness Resolutions are Total Crap


 I hope you had an awesome weekend and an even better Christmas with your family and friends.
You know what I hate about this time of year?
All the “New Year, New You” crap.
I’m all for setting goals but a new year, new you. Seriously?
It’s just another marketing tactic that most gyms are going to use to get you to sign up for $99 for the whole year and we all know what happens.
You have the best of intentions and then around the end of February you get the “screw it” attitude.
Why is that?
You probably didn’t see any results.
No one is checking on you to see if you are even showing up.
There is no way to measure your results.
I’m not going to offer you some New Year program because I just don’t want to insult your intelligence.
If you want to have someone show you exactly what to do, to help you drop a clothing size in 4 weeks and get you to feel totally awesome and not feel like shit every single day, PLUS have someone to be accountable to, then I want you to email me.

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Look and feel awesome all year round. It’s a pretty sweet feeling.
Looking forward to hearing from you.