Are You Kidding Yourself About Getting in Shape?

Hey hey!

Happy New Years Eve!
I’m just about to train myself and get a little last minute work done before we head out tonight to celebrate with one of my best friends and her husband. They are new parents (3 week old son) so I doubt any of us will make it to midnight. At least they have an excuse….
Are you kidding yourself?
Are you saying that you want to ______?
Lose weight?
Tighten up your abs?
Not feel like shit?
Lose some belly fat?
That’s cool but you are likely kidding yourself if your actions don’t match up to those goals.
Take a long look at “why” you want to have that goal. Fill in the blank above.
Then take an even longer look at your actions.
Do they match the actions of that goal?
Do they match the actions of that goal?
If not, then that’s where you start. Pick 3-4 things that you need to change. Small things, but those small things need to become as simple as the habits you do every day (brush your teeth, put on your shoes).
Each week, focus on one of those things and make it an absolute habit. Then move to the next one.
Align those actions and goals.
Have a Happy New Year!