Durbrow Performance Sunday Spotlight: Nicole Penchansky

Welcome back to another edition of my favorite blog post to write, the Sunday Spotlight. 

This lady joined us in January and has been on an absolute lifestyle change since then. She has lost 16 pounds on the scale, 19 pounds of fat (which means she added muscle, yah!) and 30 inches overall from January to May. 

Check out Nicole’s story here…

If I were to create an online profile of my lifestyle before joining Durbrow, one might think I could have been a fitness pro- I was a dancer for 16 years (often spending 4-6 hours a day at the studio), played sports, boxed, always ran around from job to job where sitting wasn’t an option, and I cooked “healthy” meals.  When I moved from state to state or country to country, one of the first things I would do would be to find the best gym in the area, even if it meant going on a 2 mile jog to get there.  However, if you actually saw me, you would have had no idea that I did any of that.  What I failed to mention in the aforementioned statement was that regardless of how much I worked out or how “healthy” I cooked, my love of food and drinking with friends got the best of me.  What I also didn’t realize that I wasn’t giving my body the physical challenge that it needed.

I joined Durbrow on a whim after seeing a facebook ad for a 6 week challenge program.  I originally told myself that I’d embrace the challenge, learn a new skill or two, and then go back to my old gym.  What I didn’t realize is that Durbrow is not just a gym; it is a complete lifestyle change, the conscience over your shoulder, and a family.  There was no turning back for me once I signed up.

Since joining DPT, I’ve lost 19 pounds, 16 pounds of fat and and I can’t tell you how good it feels!  When Callie read me the results after my first 6 weeks, I actually cried because I was so excited and couldn’t believe my results!  When I used to look at myself in pictures, the first thing I would focus on was how fat a specific part of my body looked, but now I look at pictures and am so proud of how much my body has changed.  I still have a lot of work to do, but am so happy with my progress, especially with my arms and legs.  However, most importantly, I’ve learned how to lead and maintain a healthy life that works for my body and lifestyle. I tried to come up with a nicely flowing paragraph about why I love DPT so much and how it’s helped me, but there’s too much to write about, so here are my bullet points:

1.)   I love how Callie, Emily and Tom track the weights you use for specific exercises; this has kept me accountable for not slacking off and always improving.  If I’m having a snail paced week and want to go low on weights, I’m able to look at my past record, see that I was physically able to complete a specific weight, and then challenge myself.  It’s also such a great feeling of accomplishment to see how much I progress each month.  LOVE the tangible results!

2.)   The body fat machine is awesome!  I love how you know how much of your weight is fat.

3.)   I’ve never been to a gym before that invites everyone to free nutritional seminars.  They help refocus me and I’ve learned so much from them.  Plus I’ve been inspired to test out new meals in the kitchen!

4.)   The monthly challenges inspire me. They’re short enough to not bore me, but long enough for me to see personal improvements!

My favorite exercise is the Prowler/Sled Push!  On my very first day at Durbrow, it was one of the first exercises I completed, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget how light headed I was after the workout (ok, let’s be honest- about 85% of the workout!)  However, within two months, I was pushing 235 pounds + Emily 100 feet across the floor and doing so with strength and confidence and with an absolute lack of nausea!  I also weirdly love chin-ups and push-ups because I thoroughly enjoy seeing the progress in exercises that I once found extremely difficult.

Regardless of your weight or current physical activity, if you’re looking to make a change in your body and lifestyle, I couldn’t recommend DPT more enthusiastically!  Yes, you will feel like you’re going to throw up the first workout or two, but everybody at DPT has had that same feeling and will help you along!  I can’t begin to say thank you enough to Callie, Emily and Tom for helping change my life for the better- for encouraging me, challenging me, teaching me, and modifying my workouts when needed!

Here’s Nicole rocking #225 on the Barbell Glute Bridges a few weeks ago…


Nicole 225

Here’s Nicole during the Plank competition, going above and beyond 🙂


Plank Nicole