Do You Want it Bad Enough (your ideal body)?

A post from Emily:

Ever think that if you just worked harder, if you just tried harder, you know what to do , if you could just get yourself to do it, then you would get the body you want. But what if the work you are putting in is not the problem.

What if what you want is the problem?
What if you headed out on a road trip, and realized half way there it is not really where you want to be going? Would you just keep driving?

We often set ourselves up for disappointment. We look at the external world, and think that is what I want. BUT sometimes we don’t really. We just think we should want those things. This leads to disappointment, frustration and the oh so lovely self sabotage.
Not everyone should want to be a fitness model, or wants to be a fitness model, but we still have that ideal in our head as we set out to judge our body, our progress, and our discipline. We don’t want that body, the work that has to go into to it, the time, and the upkeep, but we think we should want it. So when we “can’t” get ourselves there we find disappointment, and discouragement.

See how confusing this could get?

Spend some time think about what you really want. What really is your ideal body, yours, not mainstream media, not mine, not your best friends, but yours. What do you want your body to feel like, look like, be able to do. How much time and work do you want to put into it? Your ideal body might truly be completely different then what you have been “working towards”..

And trust me there is nothing more frustrating then realizing you are work towards something you don’t really want, or something someone else wants. Make sure your work, want, and goals are aligned. IF not then think seriously about your path. Don’t judge yourself against other peoples standards of success make sure they are your own. Because, let’s be honest you get to live with and enjoy, both your successes and failure not anyone else.

Work hard, eat right and focus, just make sure you are working towards something you really want, and not something you think you should want. It makes the work, effort and the process so much more enjoyable. AND at the end you get what you really want.