Birthday Lessons from the Last Year

I used to be that person that scoffed at things like reflection, appreciating how far I’ve come and slowing down to take it all in.

But now I’m old….and I love that shit.

And if I slowed down, I wouldn’t make any progress or I would feel like a lazy mo-fo.

Seriously though, yesterday was my 36th birthday and I found myself really taking some time to appreciate my surroundings, my life and how far I’ve come in the last year.

In fact today when I went to my chiropractic appointment, Dr Dave asked me if I felt any older. I told him I actually felt better this year than I have in years; both physically and mentally. I have no injuries (I battled some crazy back pain last year and a beat up shoulder the year before).

We joked that it’s because I’m doing all the “stuff you need to do when you’re old” like sleep, relax and stretch. In addition to that I’ve taken much better care of my mental health. I don’t skip the stuff that I used to, like reflection, appreciation and being vulnerable. I used to gag at those words and now I practice them on a daily basis.

All of this stuff has allowed me to set goals and HIT them. Not brush them off like they aren’t important. Why did I see such a big change?

I made a change in myself. I didn’t try to just keep changing the goal or the situation. The root of the issue never changed, until now.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned over the last year, about myself in and general.

This insight has helped me overcome a lot of my demons, self doubt, insecurities around trying to please people constantly and has allowed me to really be present in my life.

All great stuff in my opinion.

So here’s just a little of what I’ve learned:

Slow down
Say what you mean
Remember that people are just doing the best they can
Read every day
Show gratitude every day
Take a walk
People’s #1 agenda is for themselves
(not in a bad way always)
Put your own oxygen mask on first
Unplug at least once a week
Have a coach
Keep it simple (everything)
Don’t read into people’s words or actions
Trust your gut

What does this have to do with hitting a goal (weight loss, better eating, better relationships, whatever)?

Well maybe nothing directly, but indirectly if you don’t get your mind right, you will NOT be successful, bottom line.

And I get it. You want to FIX the problem. But if you don’t change the root, you’ll spin your wheels forever. You can’t outwork your own mind. Trust me, I’ve tried.