The Top 3 Reasons People Are Afraid of “Gyms”

Three weeks ago I held an orientation for our newest group of 6 week challengers. They all
arrived early (bonus!) and were watching the group of ladies finish their 6pm training session.

They all commented that it looked “intimidating” but as they continued to watch, they saw the whole
story- laughing, having fun, encouraging each other, high fives and cheering to finish off the session.

Way different than a typical gym (but I’m kinda biased).


5pm selfie

There are a lot of nerves, I get that.

Here’s the biggest thing before I get started. It takes A LOT of courage to join.

You are putting yourself out there, being 100% vulnerable and walking into a situation that you don’t really know much about.

That’s ballsy if you ask me, and I love every single one of our members that much more for
that reason.

So maybe you’re on the fence about joining and program. Maybe you’ve been to some places before and it wasn’t quite your jam. I get it.

Some of the biggest questions I get are:

(I’ll answer them in order below, but first….)

1). Do I have to be in good shape to do this?
2). Do I have to work out every single day?
3). Do I give up my social life?


Thursday spirit week

These questions are asked weekly, if not daily and in different variations- you get the drift though.

So here’s the deal…

1). You’re walking into a new situation, a group training environment. You’ve probably seen a lot of stuff on Facebook, videos of workouts, CrossFit and stuff like that.

It looks intimidating as hell.

Our program is different. Yes it’s group training but I always tell people it’s like this, personal training with other people around you to have fun and get motivated with.

No judgement, people are focused on their workouts and also on cheering you on.


Liz chin up

We have folks that have been clients of mine for 7 years and others that have been there for 2 days, all working together.

Plus I don’t allow any jerks in my program, either you’re cool or you’re out 🙂

2). I’ve got some great news for you with this question. You do NOT have to work out every day. In fact you only really have to work out 3 days a week.

When you come into our doors, we take care of you from A to Z. The workouts are all designed to help you burn fat, sculpt some awesome lean muscle and look and feel good.

You won’t walk out of there dying. You will be a little sore, that’s normal, but we do not kill you. We train you to be better, stronger and happier.

So the workouts with us (we do recommend coming 3x a week) take care of everything.

All we ask is that you do some walking and stay active on your other days.

3). This is the BIG one

Who wants to give up good stuff like wine and pizza forever?

Not this chick. So here’s the deal, the ultimate goal is to work out hard, feel strong and bad ass AND be able to enjoy the hell out of a few glasses of wine or go out to dinner and not feel guilty.

We use the 80/20 rule- if 80% of the time you eat healthy with good proteins, veggies, fruit and healthy fats then 20% of the time you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Don’t go off the reservation when you go out to dinner, but you want to live. Your workouts and new lifestyle should enhance your life, not control it.



So that’s it for now with the questions. If you were wondering any of these, I hope it helped.

Have you been on the fence about this for a while? It’s time to jump off….

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