6 Things to Help You Lose Weight

Well hello there, Happy Monday to you.

I hope your weekend was awesome and if you’re a Patriots fan then obviously it was 🙂
Today it’s all about dropping some simple knowledge for you. Simple, yes.
But why aren’t people doing it?
So many people want the sexy stuff. Supplements, cool workouts, jumping from one diet to another.
I love Paleo as much as the next person but is that the only way to lose weight and feel awesome?
Will it work if you do it for two weeks and then try something else?
Hell no.
I’ve got six things that you need to do ASAP if you want to lose weight, get all awesome looking and you know, just be awesome as well.
The first thing you need to do is sleep.
No negotiations on this. I wrote an email about it last week and I’m okay with repeating myself.
Eight hours is a MUST if you wanna be a sexy beast.
I think that’s the most I’ve ever said sexy in an email.
Damn it.
Become diligent about your sleep. I hear people tell me they “can’t” get enough sleep.
Yes, you can. You just have to plan it out.
If that means going to be 30-60 minutes early, then that’s what it takes. Do that for a week or so and build it into your schedule.
You’re totally shooting yourself in the foot if you’re killing it in the gym and eating great BUT you’re sleeping 5-6 hours a night.
Why go through all the hard stuff and then skimp on the fun stuff?
Sleep is awesome. Do it.
Stay tuned for the second tip, coming to you on Wednesday.