Somerville Kettlebell Complex Training Session


I wanted to share a training session that I did in my basement yesterday. I did a kettlebell circuit with a 50 pound bell. This was pretty heavy on my grip and after a few rounds I definitely had to put the bell down to re-grip but all in all the form was pretty decent.

The idea behind this is to go from one exercise to the next with just a bit of transition to get your form set. You’ll want to do 3-4 rounds and rest a good 2 minutes between each round.

Here was the training session (50 pound kettlebell):

5 High Pulls Right
5 Clean & Press Right
5 Snatch Right
10 1-Arm Swings Right
5 High Pulls Left
5 Clean & Press Left
5 Snatch Left
10 1-Arm Swings Left

Check out the video. Not my best form on a few of the high pulls and snatches but overall not bad. The major focus is on keeping your core tight and snapping your hips.