Simple Training for Maximum Beast Mode Activity




Training is simple but it’s not easy.

This is something that I tell my clients all the time. I tell new prospective clients all about this when I’m going through the exact process for their fat loss journey.

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Not easy.

So what’s up with that? Why can’t you just bust out a few workouts each week and eat healthy and voila, you lose fat?

Well there are a few sub-factors that are coming into play. In order for you to lose fat your training sessions need to be developed specifically for the goals that you have.

Oh crap, I have to have a goal?

Yeah. Let’s start there.

The other night I was leading a nutrition accountability session with some of my clients. We’re meeting every month to work on their process of eating healthy. We were talking about how the majority of people’s goals aren’t in line with their actual behaviors. Do you want to lose 10 pounds of fat but you’re scarfing down burritos every day at lunch because they only have chicken, rice and veggies?

I’m not judging, burritos are delicious but here’s a news flash. They are not healthy and they won’t support a 10 pound fat loss plan.

Your first step is to set a goal. This can seem kinda daunting but it’s important. This goal doesn’t have to be number related but you should at least have an idea of what you want your body to look like.

Now you’ve gotta think about what you’re willing to change about your lifestyle to make the simple but not easy rule actually apply.

Your training will be simple. Your eating plan will be simple. You’ll spend less time on both of these things and you’ll get better results.

Daammn, that sounds awesome. 

After you set your goal, then you’ve got to work on your mind set a little bit. Don’t stop reading here, I promise I’m not going to go all woo-woo on you. If you can’t get your shit together far be it from me to change you, I just want to give you a bit of perspective on just how simple you can make this training arrangement thingy you’re going to have to do.

Think about it like this. If your training sessions are set up correctly (more on this later) then you actually spend less time training. Remember, the awesome thing I said 2 paragraphs ago?

So shift your thinking a little bit. You have 168 hours in your week. In order to kick serious ass in the gym all you need is 5-6 hours. Never thought about it like that, did ya?

I know you can rock out less than 1 hour per day and in a later blog post I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your training sessions so that you don’t have to train every day and you get killer results from each one.

Okay so you’ve carved out your 5-6 hour each week. You’ve scheduled it into your calendar just like an appointment or doctor’s visit (bonus tip!). Now you’re on your way to the gym and you need to get results.

Prior to your workout you’ve gotta shift your thinking a little bit too. Get yourself pumped up. This sounds kind of cheesy but I don’t want you just dragging into the gym, doing a few hamstring stretches and saying you’re ready.

Take 10 minutes before the training session to listen to some music that gets you pumped. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to take more time for this training session, just do this on your drive or walk to the gym. Get your mind ready to fucking dominate that 45 minute session.

women's fat loss training

So that’s not so bad, right?

Schedule in your training sessions for the entire week, pump up your body and your brain 10 minutes prior and then go into each one knowing you’re going to go all beast mode on that session and you’re good to go.



I’ll be back next time with some tips on the best ways to train for absolute beast mode body domination. In the meantime, work on these little tips and be sure to click “Like” above to send this along to your friends. You’ll look cooler just for sharing 🙂