Cambridge Personal Training Transformation Contest Winners



From January 16th to February 10th we held our latest body transformation and team contest here at Durbrow Performance Training. 

This was a great month- we had 23 new recruits for the teams and everyone was working their asses off. We had some folks set some personal records and goals such as doing their entire set of push ups on their toes, doing the Battle Ropes for the entire set of 30 seconds (harder than it sounds!) and hitting their goal for body fat percentage.

This month revealed some of our clients best results. I’m so proud of everyone for all of their hard work and without further delay, here are our winners…..

Team Transformation Winners:

This category was the team that had the most points based on attendance, body fat lost and inches lost. Each individual received 1 point for every workout they attended, 1 point for every inch they lost and 1 point for every pound of body fat lost.

The winning team with 82 points was:

Sam Geller
Amie Breton
Mimi Do
Dave Mish
Colleen Travers
Joel Estes

Most Body Fat and Inches Lost: Female

LeighAnn Howland

LeighAnn was a new recruit into our program, a friend of Amber, and right away I could tell this girl means business. She was on a serious mission to get herself into shape, lose inches and just feel better. She’s well on her way to that goal now. In her first month LeighAnn lost 8 pounds of body fat and 11 inches throughout her body.

LeighAnn winner


Most Body Fat and Inches Lost: Male

Sam Rodger

Sam came into our program as a referral from Caroline and he knocked it out of the park right away. Sam came in as a pretty strong guy but he completely transformed his body with this program. Sam dropped about 10 pounds of body fat in just 4 weeks and he told me that this training program taught him how to work out properly. In all his years of the military, working out on his own and at gyms he never really got great results. This was his ticket. Congrats Sam!

Sam Rodger after front



Best Overall Transformation: Current Training Member

Mimi Do

Mimi has been a member at Durbrow Performance for about 6 months, took a little hiatus and now she’s back. In the last month Mimi has been on a mission to get lean and tight. She lost 7 pounds and has now had to spend  money on new clothes, fitting into a size small! Mimi has also transformed her nutrition plan and signed up for our nutritional coaching program, following it pretty much 100%. This goes to show how valuable nutrition is when it comes to body transformations. Way to go Mimi!

Mimi winner



Best Overall Transformation: New Training Member

Nathan Scott

Nathan came in as a new member to our transformation contest, a friend of Jason. Nathan was another person that had been working out a bit but was never 100% happy with his results. He came in motivated and ready to change. All of that motivation combined with a little instruction and guidance and Nathan knocked it out of the park. He lost over 6 pounds of body fat and increased his strength and core stability. More than that, Nathan improved his confidence. He was a little nervous and unsure of his ability but after just a few weeks he was like a regular. Great job Nathan!

Nathan winner