Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday: Sarah Chenault


When I first met Sarah she came into the studio before her first session to chat with me about how the program works and what she should expect. She was ready to sign up and train but she was nervous at the same time. After about a week of training and busting her butt, I never saw that nervous part of Sarah again. She has become completely confident and ready to take on any challenge. Now she’s even challenging other members to push themselves 🙂

Check out Sarah’s story here…..

I think that I have probably tried just about everything in terms of fitness/exercise routines.  I have played sports, done traditional boot camps, trained in an amateur boxing gym, and even ran for a while to lose weight for my wedding in 2010.

You name it and it’s likely that I have given it a try at some point.

I come from an active family as well so I have always been around fitness.  However, for me it has never been something that I LOVE. Actually, I used to hate it.  I would whine and whine and complain about having to go to the gym or go for a run.  It was really bad.  And unfortunately for me I have never been small, I have always battled with my weight, so NOT working out is not an option for me.

It was basically like torture for me even though I know how good it is.

Growing up I was not very active I suppose, I used to get dragged on long walks with my parents that I remember hating to this day.  My mom and step-dad were always active when I was growing up.  My step-dad ran the Boston Marathon a while back and never lets a day go by without hitting the gym in some form.  My brothers were all football, baseball and lacrosse stars.  My oldest brother still to this day runs marathons, completed Tough Mudder last spring, a sprint triathlon last summer…you name it and he wants to do it.

My husband and younger brothers too – I think they are all crazy LOL.  Then there is me, I generally sign up with them for anything I think I might have even a chance of finishing but still am not like them.  I don’t LOVE it like they do.  I like it just fine, but it just wasn’t the same for me.

Then, I met Callie and Emily and things changed.  I don’t whine and complain about having to show up for my workouts anymore.  I whine and complain when I miss them actually. 

And when I am not in the gym working out I am usually telling anyone I possibly can about how great my new gym and trainers are.  I thank my lucky stars that I am a coupon freak and got a Buy With Me coupon last October for Durbrow Performance Training.  I remember my first few weeks and how weak I was.  I could hardly walk and stairs were completely out of the question.

I had no core strength at all and seriously wondered if I would ever be able to do ab roll outs.  Planking and chin-ups were also next to impossible. Now, after just 4 months with Callie and Emily I am doing all of that and with their help pushing myself further than I would have ever thought possible.

When I am tired, they are there to remind me not to pick up the 44lb kettle bell to do my swings since I am now up to 53lbs.  Or when I am doing my rows Emily is always so quick to show up and get me to do at least a few reps on my heels.

To this point, I have lost 5% body fat, 8lbs of fat, and around 20 inches!  So many more to go but with the support of Callie and Emily and the other members I know I can keep going.

Food and nutrition is my biggest weakness, I am sure they would agree with me here, but I am working hard on getting my diet where it needs to be for ultimate fat loss.  Before coming to Durbrow Performance, I didn’t even know where to start.  Durbrow Performance Training has become like a family to me at this point, I have met some great people that I really enjoy working out with.  Thanks for all you do Callie and Emily!

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