What I Ate Today (Training Day)









How’s your eating going?


Blank stare.

Did you get your 80 ounces of water in like we talked about last week?

Well, no. I just forget to drink while I’m at work and then I hate getting up and having to pee every 5 minutes.

Did you skip the sandwich at lunch and pack your own lunch with protein and veggies?

No. I just ran out of time and then I get so busy with meetings that I don’t have any time and I have to run out to get the quickest thing.

Pretty standard conversations that I have with people over the course of the week.

Getting your nutrition dialed in is key. Period. The end.

Okay, not really the end because I’m going to keep talking. The thing I want you to think about is when you start your conversation or your answer to those questions above with the “yeah but” you are just giving a knee jerk reaction and an excuse. There is no real reason why you didn’t drink enough water or why you ate that bomb of a sandwich at Au Bon Pain.

You just didn’t prepare.

I’m not saying this to be mean but I want you to just think about the reasons, excuses and thoughts that you have over the course of the week about why your nutrition is not happening the way it should. When you start to say or think something like those answers above, just stop yourself and think about how you can actually just make it happen instead of giving the “yeah but.”

Just think about it….


I wanted to show you what a typical day looks like for me. This post is called what I ate today but it’s actually what I ate on Tuesday. That’s okay though because so far it’s been pretty much identical.

This is a training day for me. Strength training followed by some conditioning (Battling Ropes were the lovely finisher of the day).

On training days I’ll up my carbs a bit and I end up having one extra meal because of my post workout shake. The basic theme is that since I train in the morning I have two carb and protein-based meals (more like snacks here) and then two meals (lunch and dinner) that are protein and fat based.

Please excuse my photography skillz…..

Meal #1-

This happens 30 minutes after I train. 2 scoops of Prograde Workout. This stuff is the bomb dot com when it comes to after training. You don’t have to mix up a smoothie or anything, just throw 2 scoops of this in with water and you’re golden.

workout vanilla zoom


Meal #2-

Typically I try to eat real food but once and a while I’ll take in one of these bars because 1). they taste delicious and 2). it’s an easy way to get in a more carb based snack. This is really the only kind of protein bar that I’ll eat because it’s all natural, doesn’t taste like crap and well, I pretend it’s a real brownie…..



Meal #3-

This was lunch around 3pm. Eggs with salsa, broccoli and scallops wrapped in bacon. A-ma-zing.



Meal #4-

Dinner around 6pm. 2 grass fed burgers, broccoli and asparagus.



So there’s a typical training (weights) day for me. Higher carbs in that 2 hour window after I train and then I go lower carb as the day goes on. Every meal and snack has 20-40 grams of protein.

In terms of miscellaneous stuff I took in 100 ounces of water, 4 grams of fish oil and a multi-vitamin.

If you have questions about what to eat on certain days (off days, training, conditioning days)  just leave a comment below.