Medicine Ball Training Metabolic Finisher






One of the best ways to shred some serious body fat is to make sure you’re strength training 3-4 days per week. Hitting full body movements like squats, push ups, swings, chin ups, lunges and jumps are just a few of the best.

So you’re doing that. Cool.

What do you do about your cardio?

Spend 40-50 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill just to burn 300 calories?

Hell no.

It’s all about metabolic conditioning. Throw in a short burst of work at the end of your strength session to crank up your metabolism and really burn some fat. This is awesome because it takes very little time, you get more work done and your results will be way better than typical cardio training.

How do we do this little fat blasting technique?

Simple. There are several formats but today I’m going to show you two exercises and how to set them up.

Medicine Ball Power Slams: 5 sets x :20 seconds of work (rest 40 seconds after every work round)

Valslide Mountain Climbers (use the med ball for added core work, harder than it looks!) 5 sets x :20 seconds of work (rest 40 seconds after every work round)

Boom, there you have it.

10 minutes and I’m done. Check out the video of me doing this in my basement…..