How to Create a Nutrition Lifestyle Not a Diet


Hey, Happy MLK Day to you!

I’m about to hop on a flight to Vegas for a three day business and marketing seminar. I’m really excited about this but before I go I wanted to hook you up with a little video to help your nutrition.

I was talking with two different clients last week and they both had the same situation. I won’t call it a problem, but it’s something that I know comes up a lot for people who are watching their food intake closely.

Both of these ladies have been kicking ass with their nutrition and they both had parties and dinners coming up over the weekend.

They were nervous about what they should eat and would splurging a little bit slow down their process?

Hell no.

As long as you do it the right way.

If you don’t, then hell yes, it will mess you up.

Check out this quick video where I talk about how to avoid dieting and create a lifestyle that allows you to actually enjoy a night out with friends or a great meal.