Cambridge Personal Trainer: Super Foods Series (super easy)

A nutrition and super food post by Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow

What are Super Foods?

I’m sure that you’ve heard this term thrown around in the media a lot lately. It’s kind of one of those buzz words that I hate but I know that this concept won’t be out the window in a year like some stuff. Remember that ab belt that was supposed to vibrate the calories right off you? Yeah, one of my friends in college actually bought that….

So I’m here to simplify the mystical talk of “super foods.”

You should be able to get all your nutrients from just eating a balanced diet, right? Well yeah for the most part, but these little gems will give you a great boost to your overall health. Here are some of the best….

1. Maca Powder- maca is a root and is known for it’s natural dynamic power. You can experience a big boost in energy and reduced stress. This also adds calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and 7 essential amino acids (the building blocks of your muscles). This typically comes in a powder and you can use a teaspoon in a smoothie which is what I find to be the easiest.

2. Chia Seeds- these little seeds are loaded with Omega-3’s (healthy fats) and also include vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and fiber. They also help to hydrate our bodies because they can hold up to 10 times their weight in water. The added fiber helps you to feel more full after your meal. I also throw these in a smoothie, or you can drink them mixed with coconut water.

3. Cacao Pieces- a great source of anti-oxidants, fiber, magnesium and it’s also one of the highest sources of essential minerals. Mix these in with yogurt, a smoothie or even get the powder and mix into your coffee.

4. Coconut Water- this stuff is “nature’s Gatorade.” One of the best natural hydrators, coconut water will help to replenish your muscles and your entire system. Be sure to get the plain flavor (some of the added flavors have a lot of extra sugar). I drink a cup of this in the morning with chia seeds or I’ll make a smoothie with coconut water instead of almond milk.

5. Greens- most people don’t get their recommended dose of greens, vegetables and fruit each day. Taking a daily green supplement will give you all the nutrients, fiber and will also help with your hydration because you’re mixing this with water.

Here’s my favorite place to get the greens. This one is a little higher priced but trust me, I’ve tried all brands and most are totally nasty tasting. If you like drinking dirt then you’ll get a cheaper one. This is the best….

—->Athletic Greens 

6. Goji Berries- I don’t use the goji berries as much as the rest of these super foods but they are awesome for enhancing your immune system, improving eyesight and pumping up your supply of Vitamin A. Mix these into yogurt or a smoothie as well.

The easiest way to use these super foods is to drop them right into a smoothie. What I’ll usually do is if I’m making a chocolate based smoothie, I’ll use the maca and cacao pieces and then if I’m doing more of a fruit based smoothie I’ll go with maca and chia seeds. I do a serving of the greens every day and I drink a cup of coconut water every morning or after a workout.

The best place to get all of these super foods is at my friend Dale’s online store. Dale creates all raw foods in his own kitchen workshop. This stuff is so awesome and I also recommend trying the raw protein bars. Chocolate/cherry is my favorite flavor.

Here’s the site……Dale’s Raw Foods

*I don’t make any money off these recommendations, it’s just my personal opinion that Dale does the best job and I guarantee that you’ll see a boost in your energy and overall health by including these things into your diet. It’s super simple. Enjoy!