What’s Cool With Me This Week: 6 Pack Abs, Choices and Revenge

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Whoa, it’s October…..

The Patriots won, the Jets lost, I have been wearing hoodies every day for the last 2 weeks and my pumpkin coffee supply is still stocked up. Awesome.

As I took a walk around my neighborhood this morning I was thinking about inspiration. I think that people often look at it as this huge, mythical thing that you’re always reaching for. I think you can find inspiration in small things and you should find it as much as you can. Every day, multiple times a day even.

Just stay inspired. Don’t lose your fire. Otherwise you’re just going through the motions and life becomes a grind. One of the saddest things, IMO.

Onward to what’s cool with me this week…..

1. Should Personal Trainers Have 6-Pack Abs?

Here’s an interesting thought. Should all trainers “walk the walk?”

You wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth or a broke financial advisor would you?

Maybe not all trainers will have 6 pack abs but they should look pretty damn good. Or maybe not….

Check out this really interesting take on the subject by my friend Jon Goodman.

—>Should All Personal Trainers Have Six Pack Abs?

2. Today You Have a Choice

What are you choosing to do with that choice? The fact that you have pretty much 100% control over what you do every day is amazing. Sure there are responsibilities, work, family, all that jazz but YOU are in control of your actions, your emotions, how you react, what you eat and so much more.

Jen Comas Keck from Beauty Lies in Strength pretty much sums that up here so check it out….

—> I Have a Choice

3. Revenge

Okay, I’m not actually getting revenge on someone so I’m sorry this blog post isn’t getting that juicy.

I’m talking about the show. Daammmn I love that show. Sunday nights at 9pm (well, actually (9:20 so I can get the DVR delay) you best believe I’m on the couch watching Emily Thorne take down everyone who ever fucked with her and her family. It’s scandalous and delish, I can’t stop. Don’t judge.




4. Our Training Client Whitney’s Journey

This is just straight-up awesome. Read Whitney’s health and fitness journey over the last 2 years. Now she’s rocking out as one of our strongest female clients.

—>Spotlight Sunday: Whitney Bogosian 

Have an awesome week, stay inspired and Go Patriots 🙂