Bored to FAT: Top 4 Ways to Eliminate Boredom and Binge Eating

A guest post by THE Fit Fem, Sylvia Nasser

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Okay, who wants to admit here that we sometimes eat because we are bored unexpectedly packing on the fat? Ever sit in front of the TV or computer and just start snacking and snacking and before you know it you eat a whole bag of Doritos. And then we end up either feeling pity for ourselves or hating ourselves for stuffing our faces.

Something more than keeping current weight loss and fitness goals is to chance upon recent techniques that will re-energize women’s boredom and related tendencies to engage in binge eating. First, have we to remain guided forever by the food pyramid we have learned since elementary school? There have been recent studies by highly acclaimed Harvard nutritionists (they usually know what they are talking about) and fellow researchers. The main update on the food pyramid is that people have to reduce meals containing the American staples of red meat, refined grains, sugary drinks, egg, and potatoes. Common sense right? Latest science on food pyramid claims its dependency on sufficient and compatible exercise for every woman’s needs.

We have the education and we know the facts. Use it! We know what habits to adopt to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. But what are the root causes of binge eating caused by boredom. Sometimes knowing the facts are not enough. We have to tackle why exactly some people binge eat. Is it the lack of love, passion, rewarding career, in our lives? Are we bored because we have yet to find what motivates us?

I have listed here the top 4 ways you can reenergize yourself and stop yourself from eating out of boredom again!

1. Keep a journal – You will never get bored again and make it as your alibi to overeat or over-drink. This is because you may now get addicted to a popular free software gradually gaining audience. This free software allows you to calculate and plan as well as anticipate on possible costs and consequences of your food pyramid, diet, and meals. You can find it anywhere online. One of my favorites is Once you figure out your caloric intake, write it down. Ask yourself these questions: How do you plan your weekly diet? What are you going to do with your leftovers? Are you willing to keep a written journal or diary about your observations, changes, effects, and other noticeable details regarding your eating habits? Then, you might as well track most of it all with free software on calories, weight loss and fitness.

2. Drink water – Thirst or hunger? Sometimes we confuse the two. Test yourself out by drinking some water , give it some time and if you feel your craving has gone away then you’ve figured it out. What happens is our thirst can become a chemical response to eating. When we eat, we thicken our blood and we need the water to dilute. But because the feelings are the same, we often times confuse the two. Whatever you do, do not drink soft drinks or juices to satisfy the craving, because you’ll be ingesting empty calories that’ll surely make you fat.

3. Find support – Another way of reducing your boredom and preventing yourself from binge eating and binge drinking is to achieve a well-deserved , self-esteem and conscious effort as you visit credible websites that encourage and motivate you to appreciate all about you, share your weight loss and fitness goals with other dieters and people quite involved eating caused by boredom and depression, and find support from other concerned people as well as resources and tools. Find the humor and passion that these sites offer, and take advantage of the benefits and services also offered by these sites.

4. Cook – Boredom has no room for a woman filled with a great passion for cooking healthy and delicious recipes and cuisines. Try to cook the food yourself and you will know that boredom is unwanted in every kitchen. If you do not know how to cook yet, you may teach yourself cooking styles as you gradually eliminate your problems on boredom and depression. Having a hands-on knowledge and skill on the food you are eating through cooking it yourself brings you a step closer to achieving weight loss and fitness plans.

Don’t let boredom disrupt your plan to weight loss and fitness.

Keeping the fun in fitness,

Your fit fem personal trainer and expert in women’s only fitness,


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