Random Pictures from My Phone

A Random Photos Post by Cambridge Boot Camp Owner Callie Durbrow

Some Random Pictures from My Phone….

Do you ever go through your phone and find some random weird pictures that you don’t remember taking? That happened to me the other day so I thought I would post up a few random as well as some cool photos from the past few months. Enjoy….

Driving back from a wedding in New Jersey….these people are New Hampshire bound….

IMG 00201

Sunrise in Chino Hills, CA…..

IMG 0022

Our first day in the new gym….

IMG 0080

Bad-Ass Honey Badgers at the Boston Ruckus….

IMG 0096

As if pushing the Prowler wasn’t hard enough. Having a little fun after the workout….

IMG 0118

Vegas, baby….

IMG 0135

The girls of the Kickback Life Marketing Mastermind….awesome ladies- Alicia Streger, myself, Carrie Kukuda and Valerie Waters

IMG 0144

Me and the UK boys….Paul Mort and Jon Le Tocq

IMG 0148

A nice relaxing weekend on the Cape with some of my best friends….

IMG 0167

Private Sam Adams Brewery tour and tasting for the Durbrow Performance crew….

IMG 0250

Some of our favorite members after a workout….

IMG 0195