Cambridge Personal Training Fat Loss Tip #4

Happy Friday everyone and welcome back. Today I’ve included video number four for fat loss tips. Let me ask you this…how many of you go by the old advice of working out on an empty stomach?
How about not eating after you work out?

If you do one of these things on a consistent basis you will be setting yourself up for a long journey to your goal. If you do both of these things, you are in big trouble!

Our bodies need fuel for energy. Think of a car that is low on gas, is it going to be as efficient as one that has a full tank? Our bodies are the same way. If you start your day on an “empty tank” you will have less energy, you will be more likely to over eat later in the day because you are playing catch up in terms of calories, and you are not fueling the “fire” which is your metabolism. Remember, keeping your metabolism high over the long term is the key to fat loss. This is done by consistent portions, frequent meals and snacks, and as I talk about in this video…breakfast and post- workout nutrition.

Post workout nutrition: That sounds kind of complicated right? Nope, it’s super easy. After a workout your body is primed to take on nutrients to help the recovery process and feed those muscles that just kicked butt in your circuit training and weight training. This window of opportunity is short. 30-45 minutes MAXIMUM. Within that time frame you need to fuel your body with a small amount of calories, good quality carbohydrates and protein. The easiest, cheapest, and tastiest way to do this is with 8-10 ounces of low fat chocolate milk. Consume that after your workout and then about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours later, have a meal. The liquid is easily digested and chocolate milk has the perfect mix of nutrients to get your body back on track. Starving after a workout is one of the worst things you can do, because think of how hungry you will be later on. Are you going to make a smart choice? You will probably reach for whatever is there, or when you do have a meal, your portions will not be as controlled. The post workout drink will regulate your hunger and help you recover, which leads to better workouts.

Check out the video and leave some comments about your favorite breakfast idea