Cambridge Personal Trainer’s Renegade Cardio Movement

A Cambridge personal trainer post by Callie Durbrow

The Renegade Cardio Movement

That’s it. I’ve finally completely lost it. I’m so, so sick of people doing cardio and expecting to lose fat and look good. I was kind of annoyed with it before and every once and a while I think about it and get annoyed.

But now it’s serious. The reason I’m so annoyed is because people are trying this approach and completely LOSING the battle. I’m on a mission to educate people about this and show them just how much faster you can lose fat when you actually don’t do cardio.

If you’ve been following my blogs and training for a while, you know how I feel about steady state cardio. I’m not talking about conditioning and intervals here. Those are great. You can see a few other opinions I’ve had on this…..

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Here are just a couple of reasons why strength, interval and metabolic style training is going to get you faster and better results than steady-state cardio training….

1. Aerobic style training can increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can eat away at your muscle tissue and increase body fat storage.

2. The fat burning training zone is completely false. You actually burn less calories in more time using this method. It’s all about how many calories are burned and ALSO what happens post-workout. You need a metabolic boost and cardio just doesn’t cut it.

3. Continuous aerobic style training (aka cardio) will cause your body to plateau very quickly and essentially work on “auto-pilot” and will not tax the metabolic system enough to burn fat.

4. Prolonged cardio training can decrease testosterone levels. This is important for muscle growth and lean tissue. Even women need a certain amount and no you won’t get bulky 🙂

*Just a side note on the whole “bulky” thing for women. Wanna know the reason you feel bulky? You’ve got a layer of fat over your newly formed muscles. So guess what, you’ve gotta lose fat!

So I want to continue this mission for my Renegade Cardio Movement. I haven’t done cardio in years. It’s all about strength work, intervals and sprints. I recently polled a few of my good fitness friends and asked them what they found to be the best fat burning and training exercises. These are some of the top professionals in the game today. Check out what they said…..

Corey Beasley, a personal trainer in Orange County said Squats, Reverse Lunges w/Rotation, Battling Ropes and Sled Pushes.

Rob King, the amazing Canadian and Newfoundland fitness owner said his favorite training exercises are the Prowler, Ropes and Pull-Up variations.

Paul Mort, my UK pal and the boot camp king loves Zercher Squats, Dead lifts and sprints.

The #1 trainer in New Orleans, Jonas Deffes trains his clients for fat loss with Squat/Press Thrusters, Mountain Climbers and Push-Ups.

Luka Hocevar owns a killer fitness boot camp in Seattle and he rocks a lot of the exercises that we use at our training studio. His #1 fat loss exercises are Kettlebell Swings, Prowler Pushes and Chin Ups into Burpees.

Steve Krebs is running a top notch boot camp in Marcy, NY and he’s using Ropes, Dynamax Med Ball Slams & Squats and Sled Pushes.

These guys are some of my good friends in the fitness and training industry. They are in the trenches and are on the cutting edge of what works. I want you to see a trend with the exercises that they chose. Did you see ANY long-distance running? Any long workouts at all?

You could honestly take the 3 exercises that each person chose and make an entire training session out of that.

Join me in the Renegade Cardio Movement and get ready to see great changes in your body. I’ll be back with some sample workouts that you can use right away. Members at our training studio are actually LOSING fat this holiday season. Are you?

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