Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday: Filipe Barroso



Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday: Filipe Barroso

Hey Callie back here again with another awesome Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re featuring Fil Barroso who has been training with us for just about 3 months but has completely changed his body and his lifestyle. He’s one of our hardest working clients, always up for a challenge of more weight or chains on his push ups. He’s also a pretty bad-ass dodgeball player 🙂

Check out Fil’s story here….

I’ve always had a pretty active lifestyle.  Growing up you could always find me outside.  I was either on a BMX bike building jumps & competing with my friends in our own version of the X Games or pretty much playing any sport you can think of.  It didn’t matter what it was.  As long as there was a group of people and a game to be had, that was good enough for me.
As I got older, I got into soccer, cross-country and wrestling.  Wrestling was probably my best sport.  My individual career culminated with a 2nd place finish in WMass, 3rd place finish in the state and a member of the Massachusetts National Team that took 4th at Nationals.  It was definitely a taxing sport that required a ton of hard work, dedication and the all important ENTRANCE SONG!!!.

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Ok, I guess the entrance song only applies if you’re a WWE wrestler, but you get the point. 🙂

You always here about wrestlers that starve themselves etc. in order to make weight.  That was definitely not me.  My mantra was eat whatever you want and put in a little extra work at the gym if need be.  Don’t get me wrong though, I definitely enjoyed my ‘Cheat’ days during the season, even before I realized what they were.

Did I ever mention I love Strawberry Fribbles!?!?!?!?

Now let’s fast forward 10 years.  I’ve been working at IBM as a software developer, living the cubical life for 7+ years.  It sounds pretty glamorous I know.   I’d go to the gym maybe twice a week and play a few pickup soccer games here and there. Things were going ok, but I was no where near the shape I had been in during my earlier years and I couldn’t really get into any sort of routine.

Things got worse when I injured my ankle this past summer and was sidelined for a few months.  I definitely put on a bit more weight than I would have liked.
Enter Durbrow Performance Training, a buddy of mine had been going and recommended that I try it out (ahem…..JP that’s your plug).  At 1st I was a little hesitant as I’d never done any sort of personal training etc.  But my wife & I were looking to get into shape and I figured it might be something we could do together.  Well, the rest is history.

I’ve lost 20 lbs (including 15 lbs of fat), dropped from 21% to 10.5% body fat, and have a ton more energy then I’ve had in years!

I can’t express enough how happy I’ve been with Durbrow Performance.  It’s given me the structure and the accountability I’ve been missing since wrestling while making it fun along the way.

Emily has been an awesome trainer.  All I have to do is show up twice a week ready to work hard and Emily takes care of the rest.  She’s always there ready to throw an unsuspecting sandbag or two on my back just when I’m getting comfortable & least suspect it.  It’s definitely increased my reflexes as well as overall awareness of where the sandbags are at ALL TIMES.

Fil push ups

Needless to say Tuesdays & Thursdays have now become a highlight of my work week, along w/Mountain Bike Wednesdays and I have Callie & Emily to thank for that.

Some of my favorite exercises include pull-ups, TRX rows & any type of pushup (even those new ‘Spider Monkey’ ones).


In closing, I just wanted to thank Callie for giving me the opportunity to share my story & I look forward to the next set of challenges Durbrow Performance Training has in store for us in the upcoming weeks.


Thanks you two!