Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday: Caitlin Calonge






Welcome back to another edition of our Cambridge Personal Training Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re featuring Caitlin Calonge, one of our hardest working and coolest members.

Caitlin started training with us over the summer and has literally revamped her body and her lifestyle. Check out her story here…..

I am a 23 year old stay at home mom of two awesome kids, and wife to the most amazing man in the world :).  I don’t really have a fitness background, before coming to Durbrow Performance, I was walking at least 3 times per week for about 1 or 1 /2 hours, doing pilates in the mornings, and thought I was eating a decent healthy diet.

I had found a deal online for a 3 month trial for bootcamp.  Honestly what did I have to lose ???

If I hated the class I wasn’t wasting a lot of money, I didn’t feel like I was unhealthy or overweight before.  So I just did it.  I joined with my friend and have been coming to Durbrow for almost 8 months now!!

I come from a very big family, I have 5 younger siblings, my parents both came from large families also, so there are tons of cousins and aunts and uncles around.  I am married with two kids and want to live a healthy lifestyle to set an example for my family members.  I believe that health and fitness are very important and can not imagine my life now without it.  I want my kids to grow up living healthy so that when they get older they don’t have to struggle with such a big adjustment later as I am doing now.

Growing up I was always pretty small and have always been the smallest of my sisters, I feel because I never had a significant struggle with my weight it is harder for me to set an example for my younger siblings because I’ve always been “the healthy one” aka the skinny one.  (Just because you are small does not mean you are in shape/healthy!!!)

I feel stronger, am eating healthier, have more energy, and am happier all around now!  I want to share this with my family also, last night was my younger sister’s first workout with Durbrow Performance, and I think that was my favorite class that I have come to yet.  Being able to see her doing something that is good for her and helping her achieve her goals will make me so happy.  I am so happy to say that I have the most amazing trainers I could ask for, not only for myself but to recommend to family and friends.

Callie and Emily have a way of making you push yourself so that over time you are more motivated and want to change your entire lifestyle, not just go to bootcamp.  One of the most important lessons I have learned coming to Durbrow Performance is that YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!!!  It is so true no matter how hard or often you train you must also give your body a healthy diet to work with!!  Which is why the nutrition advice is so helpful for me.

When I started in June I weighed 144 pounds, my most recent weight was 133 pounds.  I have lost 9.5 pounds of fat and gained muscle.  I have set goals between measurements and am very happy with how things have turned out each time!  I will continue to set more goals with my nutrition because that is one area that I struggle with.

Some of my favorite exercises are the ropes and push ups.  I feel like they are both equally physically and mentally challenging exercises for me.  I also like the Prowler and lots of core exercises.

My lifestyle is changing a lot and I am now working on making more changes with my family and having healthy eating, and exercising become a part of their lives too.  I can not thank Callie and Emily enough for everything that they have helped me accomplish and taught me over the past months!

Caitlin C after