Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month: Lindsay Ford


Congratulations to our December 2011 Client of the Month, Lindsay Ford!

Lindsay has been training at Durbrow Performance since February and quickly became one of our favorite people. All of our members love her and she’s truly a joy to train.

You may have recently seen a feature on Lindsay. She was our Sunday Spotlight just two weeks ago. Straight up rock-star.

Lindsay COM 21

The awesome thing about Lindsay is that she has truly transformed her body. She came in with a pretty weak core and minimal upper body strength. Since then Lindsay has been working her way up the kettlebell ladder and now swings 20kg and routinely completes sets of 20 push ups at a time.

Lindsay’s body shape has completely changed. The scale says she lost two pounds. That’s not the whole story. She has actually lost over 10 pounds of PURE fat and over 20 inches from her body.

This is the ultimate story of a complete body make-over and just goes to show that the scale kinda sucks 🙂

Congrats again to Lindsay and keep working hard, we love ya!

Lindsay COM 11

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