Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month September: Jill Lamb







What’s up!

I want to say a HUGE congratulations to our September Training Client of the Month, Jill Lamb.

Jill has been training at Durbrow Performance for just over a year and she has been busting her butt in the gym since day one.

When I first met Jill I knew she had that athlete mind-set. She was driven and focused about every exercise and wanted to get her form perfect every time. As she progressed over the next few months she was dropping body fat and her strength was sky-rocketing. The perfect combination 🙂

Along with being one of the hardest working clients in the gym, she’s a great motivator and leader for others. She’s always there to pump someone up or give them a little extra motivation when they’re hitting that last set of a Battling Rope finisher.

Jill has lost over 15 pounds of body fat and has learned how to eat healthier and balance her busy life with that nutrition plan.

Thanks for being a part of our team Jill, we love you!

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