Cambridge Fitness Training Spotlight Sunday: Rebecca Corras




Happy Sunday and welcome to our latest edition of our Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday. Today we’re hearing from Rebecca who has been training with us since January of 2012. She came in a little bit quiet in the first few workouts but after just a few weeks her confidence boosted dramatically. I could tell right away she was an athlete- she was coordinated, competitive and driven. That’s a great combination and she’s embraced it 100%. Rebecca has had serious and consistent fat loss over the last 4 months. She has consistently lost 3-5 pounds of fat at every measurement and she’s not done yet. Check out Rebecca’s story here…


I was fortunate to have had an amazing childhood. I grew up in a great neighborhood and more importantly, I lived on the best street ever! My block was awesome because there were enough kids to be able to organize some intense games. We played the normal games like street hockey, soccer, some killer manhunt, etc. but we didn’t stop there. We would even host our own Olympics. Brixton Road Olympics were insane! They included everything from races, soccer, croquet, we even hosted swimming events at our town pool, a lot of times a race to the pool was included in the list of events. Needless to say, I was a pretty active kid. When I wasn’t getting my butt kicked by the 100 boys on my street, I was out playing team sports. Summers were the best when I would go to a different sport camp every week, basketball, soccer, tennis, you name it I was there.


Despite being so active, I can’t say I remember ever being very trim. It is possible I was for a time since I was so active, but my affinity for sweets, fast food, and all things bad for me caught up quickly. My best guess is that my weight took a turn for the worst around middle school, by then Brixton Road Olympics, and our other organized games, were mostly a thing of the past. I remained active in sports throughout high school but my unhealthy eating habits were really kicking my butt.


I wasn’t comfortable with my body, I was self-conscious, and hadn’t yet recognized how insanely awesome I am.  I was uncomfortable with myself and I finally decided to do something about it around the end of my sophomore year in high school.  I joined weight watchers with my dad.  I lost around 20lbs, and I did it pretty quickly. Having the support from my dad and family was a huge help.

The problem was, I didn’t do it by eating healthy and working out. I lost weight by sticking to my point range.  I remember eating very little during the day then just eating ice cream and snacks at night until I was out of points. Sure this worked; I felt great and was finally happy with my body.

I think this is when my self-confidence took a turn for the best, and besides being comfortable with my body at that time, I most importantly was comfortable with myself. I’m happy to say that hasn’t changed, and regardless of what the scale says or how I look I remain confident in myself.


The problem with losing weight the way I did, meant it was very easy to gain it back once I got off the weight watchers plan. Fast forward to freshman year of college, the same eating habits but with larger portions and throw in countless nights of, just in case mom and dad are reading this I’m going to say, responsible drinking, the weight came back fast. And not only did the weight come back, so did who knows how many more lbs.


I would occasionally hit the gym but that was rare, for most of my college career I wasn’t very active. Every once in a while, when I would get a burst of motivation I would devote myself to working out and eating healthy. I would make some progress but I would get bored, lazy, unmotivated. I didn’t know how to work out effectively and see the results I was looking for, also running on a treadmill for 45 minutes sucked, and lifting weights was scary. 


After college I was a little more active, but basically the same old story of getting motivated and quickly losing that motivation. I wanted to get into good shape, but I didn’t want to put in the work. I would fall back on my standard excuse of not wanting an obsession with my body and my looks to take over my life. My body shape doesn’t define me, I may be overweight, but I am still pretty damn awesome. I believe that, but still, deep down I did/do want to be fit and in shape. Finally, I found a place that is helping me get on the right track.


Everyone who knows me knows I love a good deal. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be good, just a deal will do. So naturally, when I saw a daily deal for Durbrow Performance Training I was interested.

I will admit, I was a little nervous after reading Callie’s site, because she doesn’t bs you and pretend it will be a cake walk.  She makes it clear you need to put in the hard work to get the results. But, she does promise if you put in the work you will see amazing results. Callie was right, I couldn’t believe after 3 weeks I had lost inches from my body. Sure, sore became my body’s normal, but it is worth it!


There are so many things about Durbrow Performance that I love. I love that I’ve finally found a workout that I genuinely enjoy and want to go too. And sure, some days I don’t feel like getting my butt out of bed or hitting the gym after a tough day of work, but you know what, I ALWAYS do it anyway. I know once I’m there I’ll be happy.

Another thing I love, are the people I work out with at the gym. I can honestly say I enjoy the company of every person I work out with, we encourage and motivate each other and have a great time pushing ourselves in class, many times they are the reason I make it on those days I’m feeling lazy. I also love that I happened to find the gym with the two best trainers around.


Callie and Emily are amazing, they are knowledgeable and don’t mind when I ask millions of questions about exercise and nutrition. When I think I’m pushing myself hard, they push me harder, and as much as I don’t like to admit it, they are always right, I can do more.


As I said, I genuinely enjoy the workouts. There are plenty of exercises that I claim to hate, but when it comes down to it, I want to do them because I love seeing myself get better and improving.

I love the fact that I can crank out a good number of solid pushups, sometimes even with those beastly chains around my neck. I love pushing Emily on the prowler. And I love when I can push through the pain of the ropes and rock out a solid 30 seconds or so.  I love that I’m getting stronger and able to push myself through some tough workouts.

I must say some of my proudest moments have been being able to keep up with my brother, a former Marine, when we work out together back home.


I’m still working on that nutrition thing, I know the mantra – you can’t out train a bad diet, and I believe it.

Although I’ve seen results with a moderate diet, when I’ve actually locked it down and ate well the results I saw were amazing – I’m talking down 6lbs of fat in 5 weeks. Nutrition has been my biggest obstacle and I know not eating well has, at times, hindered my progress, but I’m thankful to have the support of the Durbrow team behind me. I know with their support I will eventually get that nutrition piece down too – at which point, be careful, cause I’m going to be unstoppable!