Awesome Training Photos from Our Studio

A Cambridge personal training post from Callie Durbrow

Awesome Training Photos from Our Studio

I have a ton of photos on my iPhone, we’re always snapping pictures of training and of our awesome clients just doing crazy stuff. I was going through some of them the other day, loading them onto my laptop and I thought I would share a few.

Our training studio is not huge by any means, we have all the basic training equipment with nothing fancy at all.

Hope you enjoy the photos…..

Rocking some bulgarian jump squats….

Spartan Workout- training hard with KBs

Bulgarian Bag Halos (best ab workout ever), Rows and Walking Swings….

After a tough session….

Rockin’ out a tough conditioning session- Ropes, bands, slide board and KBs

Hard core Halloween training session- Ropes, Rows, Push Press…

Jump Lunges, Push Ups and Valslide Ab Training….


Prowler Conditioning after a tough training session….John rockin’ the headband after losing a bet to Lindsay….

John and Lindsay showing off the headband…..

Post-workout dead body….

Our 7pm class chatting it up and stretching post-workout….

The back of our newest training t-shirt….

5pm training class hanging with John and the head band….

We’re right in the middle of our 6 Week Team and Client Transformation Contest….can’t wait to see who comes out on top with the most body fat and weight lost!

As the holiday season approaches Americans can pack on as much as 10 pounds of FAT between Halloween and New Years. If you want to join us in the quest against body fat then just click here for your 1 week trial at our training studio….

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