The 2011 Recap of Awesomeness






Hey, Happy Almost-New Year!

I was thinking about what to write for the traditional year-end wrap up blog post. I keep seeing people writing about their predictions for 2012, what they learned in 2011, what they’re going to do better in the New Year. All of that is well and good but I believe in setting goals all year long and I don’t really buy into the whole re-invention of yourself with the mark of the new year. So many people don’t succeed because they don’t take it seriously. Setting short term goals, hitting them and rewarding myself has been really good for me personally.

Anyway, I digress….

The idea of this post was to recap the awesomeness that was 2011. It was a pretty bad-ass year for me and I have so many people to thank for that. Here are the things that were purely awesome in 2011…..

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1. I opened my own training studio after years of working for a gym and then renting space
2. I turned 31 and after officially spending my second year “in my 30’s” I think I’m much wiser than my 20 something self
3. I was able to hire the best trainer who loves my clients and business as much as I do. She’s also an amazing friend of mine and I couldn’t do what I do without her
4. I joined my long-time mentor’s Mastermind group. This is a group of fitness pros who meet 3 times a year to improve each other’s businesses, build friendships and take everything to the next level. This was a pretty penny but it was  the best investment I ever made

5. I checked my ego at the door at the Mastermind. This was some high level stuff and I was so nervous I was also sick to my stomach on the first day. After just a few hours I had already made some of the coolest friends

6. I learned what it means to literally live by my own rules. I developed my business to suit my personality and the way I wanted to live my life.

7. I got to witness the true meaning of a miracle. My best friend Sarah, Emily’s sister, gave birth to her son Liam 3 months early at just over 2 pounds. Liam spent 3 months at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with a laundry list of complications but fought through every day and is now home with Mom and Dad, as healthy and happy as ever

8. I rediscovered my love for Under Armour. Best workout gear ever

9. I bought a Mac. And a iPhone. And an iPad. Okay I’m all geeked out now and it might have made me a little more awesome

10. I committed myself to reading 2 books per month. One fiction for relaxation and one business book.

11. Kim Kardashian’s divorce. This made 2011 just a little bit more awesome because you know that means Kardashian shows forever!

12. I learned what it really means to improve your mindset and inner self talk. I thought this was a bunch of woo-woo crap for so long but it has changed my life and business

13. We now have our own parking lot for Prowler workouts

14. Athletic Greens is legit

15. I pushed 355 pounds on the Prowler last week

16. I discovered the Valslides from the creator, and my friend, Valerie Waters

17. I began experimenting with carb cycling in my nutrition plan. Some clients tried it too. Loved it

18. We have officially created THE coolest group of training clients ever. Our little Durbrow Performance family is inspiring

19. The above comment is all thanks to our incredible clients who work their butts off every day. I literally could not have a business without you guys and I love each and every one of you

20. The Hangover 2. I don’t care what you say, it’s not the same movie and the first one was damn funny so it’s brilliant to do a second one

21. This post I wrote


22. This other post that I wrote


23. I make Saturdays my cheat day. I eat whatever I want. It’s amazing for mindset and it also helps you burn fat….bonus….

24. I realized that I’m really sensitive to other people’s energy and I’ve also learned how to not let it affect me. It’s more important to be one of those people that exudes the right energy for others

25. I’ve eliminated all vampire energy suckers in my life. Well, maybe not ALL but pretty damn close. If you’re annoying or just want stuff without giving back, I’m all set with you

26. I’ve increased my love for to-do lists. I have one on my computer that’s color coded for each day and each time slot of my day. I get it all set up a week in advance and then each day I review it for the next day. It’s increased my productivity ten-fold

27. I always knew getting a mentor was important, now with my mastermind group I have about 10 mentors. Accountability and playing with the big dogs sure does something for your mindset and motivation

28. Challenge workouts. At the studio we’ve implemented the Pyramid, the 100, the 666 Strength Challenge and more to come in 2012. This gives our clients a time to step out of their comfort zone even more and push their personal limits

29. Everyone in my life is cool. This has made 2011 seriously awesome. Friends, family, clients, my wonderful boyfriend who has put up with me for 4 years, my mastermind pals, my business coach Chris, my trainer John, everyone has made my life incredible over the past year and beyond. THANK YOU.

Here’s to health, happiness and pure awesomeness in 2012!