November Client of the Month at Durbrow Performance Training: Jen Brock

Congratulations to our November 2013 Client of the Month, Jen Brock!

Jen has been training at Durbrow Performance since April of 2013 and she has truly been one of our most dedicated clients.

Jen came in with a very specific set of goals and since the beginning, she has accomplished those and more. She has run two Boston Marathons and even came in to train the next day.

Jen pushes herself during every training session her strength has gone through the roof, in part to her consistent training and also her focus during each exercise.

Jen is always striving to improve with the little things and improve not just her workouts, but her lifestyle in general. We chat a lot about nutrition, sleep and how to optimize all of these factors when working in a stressful and unpredictable job like Jen has.

She’s not only a dedicated member of our training team but she uses her passion and her willingness to help others as an amazing nurse at MGH.

In addition to pushing herself and improving during every training session, Jen is always there to lend some encouragement or a kind word to a fellow training member, or to harass John Pham or Dr. Dave to use more weight 🙂

Another amazing thing about Jen is that she brings me all kinds of goodies and writes the best thank you cards!

Congratulations Jen, you deserve this!





Jen b handstand