The Cambridge Personal Training Fat Loss Domination Method

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Your Personal Training Fat Loss Domination Method

Hey, Callie Durbrow here again….it’s been a little time since my last blog post so I apologize for that. We had a super busy few weeks at Durbrow Performance Training, our training center here in Cambridge.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, dominating fat….

Sounds weird, huh? Well you certainly don’t want fat to dominate YOU.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you felt uncomfortable during a workout? I mean seriously hands-on-your-knees, sucking wind and muscles shaking uncontrollably kinda feeling?

Unfortunately this is not the norm for most people. So many people just go through the motions. Well here’s a wake up call….training for full fledged fat loss domination is SIMPLE but it’s not EASY.

In order to efficiently and effectively lose fat, it’s all about boosting your metabolism and making sure your body is burning fat when you’re NOT working out. This means those training sessions need to be intense so that you boost your metabolism. You’ll burn hundreds and hundreds of calories if you do it right…..but also it’s important to note what happens after the workout.

This is the time when your body is so revved up and studies show that your metabolism can stay elevated at that level (burning calories that fast) for up 36 hours. That means if you worked out on Monday morning your body would still be cranking out calories on Tuesday night. Then you get into the gym and perform a similar style workout on Wednesday and you repeat the cycle. Eventually you’ll “reset” your metabolism so that becomes the normal calorie burning level. Pretty cool, huh?

So how do we do this? How do we completely dominate fat loss? Here are three simple tips…

1. BIG Movements- Forget the machines, the isolated bicycle crunches and the calf raises. That’s gonna get you a whole lot of nothing. Instead focus your energy on bigger movements that active a lot of muscles at once. Here’s a quick example of a great full body workout that will not only strengthen and tone your body but also boost your heart rate and your overall calorie burn.


A1. Dumbbell Squat 3×10
A2. Inverted Body Row 3x max effort minus one (leave some energy in the tank)

B1. Walking Lunges 3×20 steps
B2. Push Ups (feet on the ball) 3×12-15

C1. Kettlebell Swings 3×15
C2. Planks 3×30 second hold (add weight or elevate feet to add difficulty)
C3. Mountain Climbers 3×30 seconds

This workout will give your body a huge boost and you’ll burn tons of calories. The last round is a bit more of a cardio blast.

2. Full Body Workouts- This tip goes hand in hand with #1 because you never want to focus on “muscle groups” if you are trying to lose fat. The old school body building method is fine but not for someone who wants to tone, tighten and shed fat. Full body workouts burn more calories and keep the workouts intense and short.

3. Limit Your Rest- Big movements, full body workouts and limited rest are three huge keys to dominating fat and losing it fast. Rest for no more than 1 minute during your circuits. Complete the entire circuit and then rest. If you are lifting some heavier weights (another blog post for another day) you may want a bit longer rest but overall, 60 to 90 seconds is ideal between circuits.

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The best workouts out there for fat loss are ones that combine all three components plus throwing in metabolic/interval cardio work on your off days and following a solid nutrition plan that supports fat loss.

Our personal training clients get all of these tips and more, plus motivation from our fun group workouts. If you are sick of struggling with boring workouts and diet plans that don’t work, check out our new Durbrow Performance Training boot camps on Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm.

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