30 Day Fat Loss Challenge with Cambridge Personal Training: Day 17

A fat loss training post by Cambridge trainer Callie Durbrow

The Ultimate Power Smoothie

Hey, welcome back to the Cambridge training 30 day fat loss challenge. We’re here on day #17 with another awesome nutrition tip. A few weeks ago I hooked you up with an awesome smoothie recipe and I wanted to give you another one to use ASAP.

Smoothies are a great way to get your body energized in the morning especially if you are like me and want to sleep as long as possible. Seriously, I’ve got my morning routine down to 25 minutes and that includes 5-6 minutes to completely prepare this smoothie.

The ingredients might seem a little weird to you but just watch the video and trust me. This is a super protein boost with lots of fiber and greens.

Check it out……

Leave me a comment about your favorite smoothie recipe, I’d love some new ones to experiment with…..

1 thought on “30 Day Fat Loss Challenge with Cambridge Personal Training: Day 17”

  1. My favorite recipe is the Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake! Make it every day after a workout.

    – 3/4 cup of frozen organic (no sugar added) raspberries (approx 100g)
    – 1/2 cup (65g) of Hood’s Vanilla Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt (Kemps makes this too)
    – 1 large scoop of Chocolate Whey protein (I prefer Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard products since they are fast-absorbing)
    – 1 cup of skim milk

    Add together and blend! Total smoothie fills a large cup and is 380 calories.