Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 18

A Cambridge personal training post by fat loss expert Callie Durbrow

The #1 Secret to Losing Fat and Keeping it Off

Hey, welcome back once again to the Cambridge personal training 30 day fat loss challenge. If you’ve been following along with the program then I’m sure you’re looking and feeling awesome. There’s 12 days to go but I want you to stay connected and keep working because as you know now, it’s not a quick fix and it’s all about lifestyle change.

Today I wanted to touch on a little more of a mindset thing and give you the #1 “secret” to ultimate and permanent fat loss. I say “secret” in quotations because it’s kind of going against what most people will tell you. There is no real secret to fat loss; it’s a lot of hard work, planning and having excellent motivation…right?

Well, yeah that’s completely and 100% right, but why is it that people say “I’m so motivated” or “I ate really healthy this week” or “My workouts were on point and my intensity was high” yet they still have trouble losing fat or getting that toned, lean body that they say they really want.

Here’s the thing. I speak with hundreds of people every week through my personal training clients, my blog, my friends and just people that I come across. The one problem that I see to be universal when it comes to the struggle for fat loss and ultimately getting the desired results is….compliance.

What do I mean by compliance? You’re probably thinking that you’re complying with my plan right now and you’re doing great. That’s awesome for you and I’m sure that you are; but are you in 100% compliance for the rest of your life?

The rest of my life?? That’s a huge commitment and well, I don’t know if I can commit to that long. What if things come up and I can’t work out?

That’s the problem with today’s society. Very few people are willing to take it to the next level and be 100% committed and in compliance with a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not telling you that you can’t enjoy your favorite foods every now and then. That’s part of the compliance factor because we’re trying to create the ultimate lifestyle change. So, here’s your list of things that you need to be in 100% compliance with in order to create your lifestyle of complete happiness, health and prosperity….

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1. Be committed to getting some physical activity every single day

2. Train hard and with intensity 3-4 days per week

3. Get out of your comfort zone

4. Eat an 85% healthy diet and allow yourself 3-4 cheat meals per day or an entire cheat day (I do this and it’s awesome!)

5. Plan, plan, plan

6. Change your workouts up every 3 weeks to avoid burnout (physically and mentally)

7. Understand that this is a process and it’s not an easy ride

8. You’ll get out of this exactly what you put in- if you want mediocre results then keep doing what you’ve always done

It’s time to shift your mindset to understand that if you want to be lean, have toned and slim abs and actually enjoy shopping for new clothes then it’s a lifestyle change and you must be 100% committed. This also means being committed to enjoying some treats every once and a while (that’s part of the process). Don’t think I would ever tell you to deprive your body, just be structured about it.

Too many people in our society are in the 90% category and are just satisfied with the status quo. I know that you’re different though. If you are reading this blog then you’re ready for a change and you’re sick of just going with the flow- eating crappy food, going through the motions at the gym and just feeling tired all the time.


It’s time to make the change and be in the 10% category of action takers…..

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll give you an awesome workout that you can do at home with just 2 pieces of equipment.