What’s Your Story?

What happens when you want to make a change?

Usually something like this if I had to guess….

1). Pick a goal that you want
2). Decide you’ll start on Monday
3). The goal seems all shiny and
amazing and you go balls to the wall
4). Stop seeing results or the progress
gets slowed down
5). OR you hit a speed bump
along the way (like I did this summer when I
had my appendix out suddenly)
6). Decide the goal isn’t worth it or it’s “not so bad”
7).Stop or pick a new goal and repeat the cycle

How often do you hit those goals?

No judgement here my friend, I get it. There have been many-a-goals that I NEVER hit because I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared for the work, I wasn’t prepared for the outcome and I wasn’t prepared because I didn’t change my thinking, I simply tried to just change my actions (no bueno).

Of all of those, the biggest issue we all face is that we aren’t prepared to do the work.

I have a simple solution for you today and it comes in the form of a question that you NEED to ask yourself. What’s the story you need to drop?

In other words, what is the story you are telling yourself RIGHT NOW, that is stopping you from making progress?

For me in my business it was, “I can’t handle all the responsibility.”

In my body it was “I can’t give up my nightly snack.

Guess what- both of those are FALSE.

I can- I just wasn’t prepared….so the next step is to get clear on why you want it, because if you don’t know that, you won’t get there, and the stories continue to pile up.

Because we can rationalize stories and we don’t have to keep score (aka- not knowing if
we’re making progress or not).

So my question for you today is what is YOUR story?

What’s the story you need to drop in order to change the game?

Too busy?

Too stressed?

No time?

Failed before?

It’s not that bad OR one that a lot of people think but don’t want to admit- “at least I’m not as _____ as them.”

Convenient Comparison.

They are all stories. Drop yours. How do you do that? Simply question the thought when it pops into your head. Is this true?

Because before an action comes a thought. If you can challenge and question the thought, your awareness is heightened and you can address the actions along the way. You can’t control your thoughts, you can only manage or question them.