Turn On Your Inner Beast Mode


A Monday motivation post from Emily….

Do you have moments in life where you feel on? Like it is clicking? You are alive? You could do anything?

When you would like someone to tell you, you can’t do something just for the opportunity to prove them wrong?

Do you see glimmers of the strong warrior inside of you?

Moving furniture by yourself, making a dinner for five with 2 kids hanging off of you, a sales pitch that you rocked, a push up from your toes for the first time in years, squatting lower or jumping higher than your brain would even allow you to conceive of?

The minute when you think you don’t have anymore to give, can’t possibly continue and something takes over, you find the next gear, you dig in and get it done.

Work a little harder, fast and lift more. These moment were you wish you could do a cheesy self high five.

This my friend is BEAST MODE.

Feeling unstoppable, accomplished, strong, comfortable in your skin. When you feel it, it is amazing. My wish for you this week is to find your inner beast.

Find a way to do more of what makes you the best you. Don’t wait for it to find you. Go find it.

Once you get there, channeling your beast, don’t stop. That is not the finish line, try to live that way each day. Alive. Don’t give up on it, sometimes when you think you need to quit, you can’t make it another second, rep, jump, whatever, the beast awakens.

Dig deep, get it done! BEAST MODE

Feeling great and awesome, on top of the world doesn’t come to you. You have to work for it, go get it!


beast mode