The Illusion of Fear is Holding You Back

I recently started reading a new book called The Obstacle is the Way.

It’s gotten me to think a lot more about how I look at my life, at the things standing in the way of what I want to achieve or help others achieve.

Today’s post is short, but something I want you to start thinking about.

We all have choices. So many people are literally on the verge of greatness or they are on the cusp of making a decision that can change the trajectory of their lives (in a great way).

What happens in that weird space after the excitement?


The illusion of fear allows us to stop dead in our tracks and we convince ourselves that we can’t do it, can’t afford it, can’t handle it.

Taking action is a choice. Not taking action is also a choice.

If you’re stuck, push yourself through the resistance and take control. It’s not going to be perfect or pretty, but you have to take some action.

If you’re unhappy, you can choose to rid yourself of the negative stuff or people in your life.

The choices you have or haven’t made up to this point determine what’s going on in your life.

Consistently taking action will get you there. I remember a quote from a mentor of mine, he said “action alleviates anxiety.”

It’s true. Even if you don’t take a huge step, take a little one. Then take another one the next day.

Just remember that you ALWAYS have a choice and you can choose to move forward, backward or stay still.