Success From Your Biggest Tests in Life

Have you ever heard the phrase “the universe never gives you more than you can handle

I always liked that one and when times get stressful I like to lean on that and use it as a compass to remind me that the direction I’m going in is not crazy.

Let’s take a step back for a minute to goal setting. When you set a goal you get super excited, right?

You decide that this is THE thing. The time that you will be successful, the time that you will see results and the time that you will stick to it.

The only way to do this is to:

  1. Have your why, aka the thing that gets you to do what you said you would do, when you don’t want to do it
  2. Develop your plan, down to the things you need to do each day to be successful
  3. Understand the obstacles that will inevitably smack you in the face

Most people skip this part, and just focus on the shiny object that they think is at the end of the rainbow. The “when I get this I will be happy” moment that never comes. That’s why we keep chasing.

But this isn’t a post about goals because you’ve heard me wax poetic about that before in previous posts, podcasts and seminars.

Today I wanted to talk about when you feel yourself getting derailed and you start to question your “why.”

That brings me back to the phrase I mentioned above, that the universe never gives you more than you can handle. Because think about it, it’s true right?

As much as we think in the moment, “I can’t get through this,” we always do. It sucks a lot, we don’t wish it on our worst enemy but we get through it. The evidence is there in your face, because you are still standing. You did get through it.

Then you have the next time that you just think, what the hell is the universe doing to me?

And you get through it again.

Now I’m not talking about just little blips in the radar when you miss a week of working out and you feel like you gained 5 pounds. I’m talking about heart wrenching, gut tensing, just wanna pull the covers over my head and hide kinda stress.

You know you’ve had it. A death in the family, a loss of job, a major injury, a huge undertaking of a business or a project or a relationship at any level that’s gone bad. These are all varying degrees, but you get the idea and you’ve been there.

So what happens? You pull through and something is pretty freakin’ awesome on the other side. Always.

We never believe that it will be there, but it’s there. It’s like the universe is testing us a little, just having a little laugh at our expense and then when we blast through that and come out the other side, we are rewarded.

Have a break up that you never think you’ll get through and end up meeting your future husband after the fact.

Fire someone and end up having the most bad ass employee that takes their place.

Take on a new business or project that brings along a mountain of new responsibilities and stress but also some amazing growth opportunities.

Why do these things happen? You’ve created space for the positive. You get through the junk and the mess and then you’ve opened up space for the new thing that ends up being so bad ass.

Then it happens again and you get knocked on your ass, you think you won’t recover and you question why you’re going through this, and then look at the reward. It’s always good.

We don’t realize it at the time because that’s life.

So where in your life are you struggling? Where do you need to clear out and create some space? What relationship might you need to work on or eliminate?

Take a little gut check and figure it out. If you’re going through the shit right now though, just remember you’ll see some big return on the other side.

We never learn our biggest lessons from success and when things go right. We always learn and usually don’t repeat, when we go through something rough.