Somerville Fitness Training Journal 7/30/13

Tuesday 7/30/13

Durbrow Performance Personal Training

Somerville, MA

Work for :60 at each exercise with a :20 rest and transition to the next exercise in the station. Complete all three exercises and then rest 2:00.

After the 2:00 rest, move to the next station and repeat that cycle.

Complete all three stations for 2 rounds.

Station #1-

  • Prowler Push
  • Alternating Sledgehammer Strikes
  • KB Farmers Carry

Station #2-

  • Hand-to-Hand KB Swing
  • 1-Arm TRX Push Ups
  • Body Weight Walking Lunges

Station #3-

  • Sprinter Sit Ups
  • Plank (variations)
  • Med Ball Ab Rotation

Here’s a quick video of a portion of our training session today: