New Year, New You?

Well you can add this to the list of things that drive Callie nuts…

“New Year, New You”

It’s right up there with people bumping into my ankles with grocery carts.

Okay maybe it’s not that bad…

But for a few years I’ve been kinda “over” New Years resolutions.

I’m more about trying to get better daily and I also see too many people waiting until next year, or Monday, or whatever day…

So when I see other trainers and gyms getting into the whole New Year, New You thing, it just makes me nuts.

The new year isn’t a special time, it’s just another day.

I understand if you had a tough few months or some things happened…

I get that, it happened to me.

But what if when I sat around from July to December just saying, “I’ll wait until the New Year” to work on myself.

My business and my mental state would have suffered big time.

So what’s my point?

Don’t wait. Do one thing every day that can make you feel better or move you forward.

It’s hard as hell.

Some days I don’t want to train myself.

Some days I don’t want to take the 15 minutes to clear my head and meditate.

MOST days I don’t want to write and reflect on my day (very hard for me)

But I know if I don’t do all of those little things that add up…

I’ll fall back into old habits.

So what do you do when you are working on building those habits?

Don’t rely on yourself (as my great friend and trainer Emily says, “Don’t trust your lazy self”)

>>>Get accountable to someone else<<<

I have a trainer that writes workouts for me.

I train with my team and with my friends as often as I can so I’m not doing it alone.

I have a business group that I have to report to… (we set goals and then report in weekly with how we’re doing)

Accountability (or lack of it) is the #1 reason people don’t get results.

Staying accountable helps you build the habits, instead of relying on the elusive will power…