Lessons from Scandal and Olivia Pope

I freakin’ love Scandal and particularly Olivia Pope.

Hello girl crush

That show keeps me on the edge of my seat every week and I’m constantly going back and
forth about Team Fitz or Team Jake.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, seriously you need to Netflix and binge on
this show. It’s the best. The thing I love about Olivia is that she’s a fixer. She handles shit.

The classic line, “It’s handled

What does this have to do with you?

My question for you today is are you handling your shit?

I don’t mean this in a condescending way, but here’s what I see from most people. You set a goal of losing weight. You go hard and all out for a few weeks, maybe a month and then something derails your progress

Usually it’s one of these things:
Something “life” related gets in the way and you lose momentum

You stop seeing results and get frustrated

The steps required to reach that goal start to get too hard (because you initially underestimated the amount of work required) and the goal starts to seem less important…aka you go back to the “it’s not so bad” syndrome

Then what happens?

You stop the goal all together, wallow in your sorrows for a bit and then start a new goal that seems fresh, shiny and amazing.

The cycle repeats. You never lose the weight (or keep it off for long)

What’s the deal?

You didn’t handle your shit.

What I mean by this is that YOU didn’t change. You’re expecting extravagant results in a goal but you didn’t change yourself.

Your thoughts, habits and actions didn’t REALLY change. You just relied on will power and “motivation” to achieve that goal.

Shit didn’t get handled, because it becomes a vicious cycle of:

Set a goal —> get excited —> will power and white knuckle through a few weeks —>
decide it’s not worth it —> stop

So what the hell do you do?

Figure out what’s holding you back in your head.


Feeling like you don’t deserve it?

Afraid of what others will think?

And my personal favorite….fear that you can’t handle the result or the success of the result.

One big reason that people continue this cycle is they try to do it alone. No guidance, no coaching, no support and a place to celebrate the wins.

So find someone who can support you and keep you accountable. Particularly someone who is where you want to be, not just someone who will “yes” you to death and tell you what you want to hear.

Part of the DP family already? Then you know we’ve got you covered.

It’s handled.