Donuts and Seat Belts

Do you wear your seat belt every day?

Most people do, I would bet.

Do you eat donuts every day?

Some people do.

If you didn’t wear your seat belt for one day, it probably wouldn’t
harm you. I’m not advocating this, I’m just saying…

If you ate a donut one day, it wouldn’t cause you to gain weight.

When it comes to changing your habits (whether it’s fitness or
otherwise), it’s kind of like seat belts and donuts.

When you do this one destructive behavior every day (not wearing
your seat belt or eating a donut for breakfast) for a period of
time, that’s what creates the bad habits or the weight gain. This
can relate to other areas of life too, not just fitness.

No one ever ate a donut and woke up 20 pounds heavier. If you ate
that donut every day for several years, you probably would be 20
pounds heavier.

Think about the thing in your life that you’re trying to change.
Are you doing the right daily habits and reps to make that change,
like wearing your seat belt every day?

Or are you doing the daily habits and reps that will prolong that
negative behavior or result, like eating a donut every day for

Enjoy your week and try to get in those daily reps that make a
positive change in your life.