Don’t Focus on the Whispers

I like to make lists. On my calendar, on my phone, on my desk with a few sticky notes.

I realized after a while that my to-do lists were starting to have to-do lists.

Time to scale back. I still make lists but it’s all about the important stuff. I figure out what my most important tasks are and do those first. I believe this is essential when you’re training and working to lose fat or get in shape.

One saying that a mentor of mine uses a lot is “don’t focus on the whispers. Focus on the shouts.”

Too many people get wrapped up in the minutia. He was talking about
business but again, this translates over to health and fitness.

Does it really matter if you eat spinach OR kale? They are both great. Pick one. Or eat both. Just do it.

Which kind of protein powder is best?

Most of the time, as long as it’s not containing a lot of garbage and chemicals, it’s good. Just pick one.

If you spend your time focusing on the tiny pieces of the puzzle, you won’t make any progress.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t care but focus on the big picture of the questions I just asked. The big picture is, you are eating your green leafy veggies and a high quality protein to supplement your hard work in the gym.

Figure out what your end goal is. Come up with your WHY. Then work backwards and every time you come up with a “whispering” question, ask yourself if that aligns with your big picture goal or if you can focus your energy and efforts elsewhere.

Here’s the thing too, focusing on the minutia sometimes makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere. Focusing on the big stuff is hard, but that’s where the progress is. Keep working at it.

Have a great week,