Are You Winning and How Do You Know?

One of my long time friends and mentors said this during one of our group training calls last month. Yes, I pay him money each month to help me stay on track and clear on what I want to accomplish with the business and marketing. We’ve also gotten into the key areas of our lives- body, balance, being and business.

So back to the recent call that we had. It’s a simple statement: “are you winning and how do you know?”

I relate this to those core four areas of my life. I know that I’m winning in my body by the fact that I will take my measurements every 4 weeks and if they go down, I’m winning.

In balance, if I can make sure to stay the hell off Facebook and only go on twice per day (yes I keep track of that now). If I can check that off each day that I completed it, I’m winning.

In my being if I can meditate every day for 10-12 minutes, I’m winning.

In business if I hit the target goals that we as a team set each month and I personally set, I’m winning.

Maybe I have to change or redirect the goal. Maybe I have to dig deeper and get more specific (this is common) or maybe I have to scrap it all together if I just don’t care about it. Once I find the goal that I really want and moves me toward being a better coach, wife, leader, aunt, whatever, then I keep score ruthlessly.

It may sound a little neurotic, but for me it’s so much better than just guessing. Am I losing body fat and maintaining muscle? Maybe….

But when I measure, I know for sure.

Am I “doing okay” with staying off Facebook? I can’t really measure “doing okay” but I can measure that I only went on twice, I kept the app off my phone so I don’t get distracted with it and I checked it off on the white board for that day.

Did I meditate or not? If not, I didn’t win and I need to figure out why.

I hope you see my point today….are you keeping score?

If not, how do you know that you’re moving forward in the important areas of your life?

So, your assignment is to find those 3-4 areas in your life and figure out how you can keep score to start winning.

That’s all ’til next time.