Lessons from “The League”

I’ve been binge watching “The League” on Netflix over the last few weeks.

It started when I went to the UK and needed some material during my flight. British Airways is the shit and I actually watched 3 really new movies so I didn’t even need the old Netflix. In the hotel room the next night, I definitely had to stream that on the iPad.

I’m not going to lie and say I do “so much work” on the plane. I’m usually tired and get a lot of sleep 🙂

I actually did get a bit of work done on a new program I’m writing, but during a 6 hour flight you best believe there’s some sleeping and movie watching going on.

(side note, I actually do this on purpose because I know myself- if I “try” to do work and then I get tired, I get pissed off at myself so I just don’t schedule it in)

Anyway- back the The League

This show came recommended by two clients (thanks for the recommendation Sarah and Kristine) and it’s main theme is a bunch of guys (and one guy’s wife) in a fantasy football league.

It’s not for everyone, but they think it’s quite hilarious and now I agree.

Every year the guys make a big deal about the “Shiva” which is their trophy awarded to whoever wins the the fantasy league that year.

It’s named Shiva after this nerdy girl they went to high school with, who’s now a super hot doctor that they run into from time to time. So the guys have jobs, family and social lives of course- but the #1 focus is to win the Shiva.

Their focus is narrow, allowing them to use that as their compass for all their actions.

I’ll get to my point now….

When you’re trying to lose weight, what ARE you focusing on?

I am in no way telling you to “only” focus on losing weight and not have a life. That’s super lame and not my style. What I AM saying is you need to keep it simple. Don’t try 50 different tactics.

The weight loss is your compass, but if you’re all over the map you won’t hit the goal.  It has to be a strong WHY.

Example- “I want to lose 15 pounds so I feel more confident at work and have energy for my daughter at home.”

(that’s a real client reason)

For her, the sole focus of losing weight will not get her motivated to work out. But if she knows that that workout gets her closer to feeling more confident and gives her the energy for her daughter when she gets home that night- that’s motivating.

When the guys are fighting for the fantasy football trophy, it’s NOT the trophy- it’s the bragging rights, the fun of the conquest and beating their friends.

You gotta find the why. This exercise can take some time and when you have your initial reason you’ll need to ask yourself “why” anywhere from 3-5 times to really dig for the real answer. Here’s an example of the exercise you can take yourself through:

I want to lose weight


Because I feel better when I am lighter


Because I can stand up in front of people at work and feel confident


Because I don’t have to worry that they are looking at me or judging me


Because my body feels and looks strong and confident

These are the kinds of things you want to dig for. Get past the surface “reason” and really push yourself. It can be uncomfortable but don’t be afraid to be vain or shallow. Don’t judge yourself, this is what YOU want. Go into the exercise with no expectations or worrying what others may think.

Dig in and try this for the New Year.