Somerville Training Client of the Month: Erica Brackett

Somerville Training Client of the Month

Congratulations to our Durbrow Performance Training Client of the Month for December 2012, Erica Brackett.

Erica started training with us in April of 2012 after joining our team transformation contest. She was nervous and definitely not excited when I announced that we’d be doing push ups (and lots of them, almost every day).

I told her not to worry, she would be rocking them out before she knew it. I’m not sure she believed me but she humored me anyway and went right to work. In just a few short weeks she was able to get lower from her knees and eventually we built up to trying them on her toes and little by little, increasing her range of motion.

Flash-forward to 7 months later and Erica is now doing multiple sets of strong push ups, with perfect form, with weight added to her back. Pretty awesome.

At her last weigh in, Erica had lost 11 pounds of fat, added several pounds of muscle and dropped 15 inches. Pretty awesome for someone who didn’t have much actual “weight” to lose. She completely reshaped her body, increased her strength and continues to get stronger and more conditioned every week because she challenges herself at every training session.

Congrats Erica!

Somerville training client of the month